Paolo Pin

Department of Economics and Statistics 

Università di Siena


 Invited papers and entries in books and handbooks

  • Preface: DGAA Focused Issue on Dynamic Games and Social Networks (2022) with Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo Boncinelli and Simon Weidenholzer, Dynamic Games and Applications;
  • Stochastic network formation and homophily (2016), with Brian Rogers, Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks, Y. Bramoullé, B. Rogers and A. Galeotti (Eds.), Oxford University Press.
  • Public Goods in Networks: A Statistical Mechanics Approach (2013), with Luca Dall'Asta and Abolfazl Ramezanpour , Chapter  5 in “Game Theory and Applications – Volume 16”, editors L. Petrosjan and V. Mazalov, NOVA Publisher, 59-80;
  • Simulations on Correlated Behavior and Social Learning (2010), with Andrea Blasco, in "Progress in Artificial Economics", editors M. LiCalzi, L. Milone and P. Pellizzari, Springer, 89-100;
  • The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence - The effect of misperceived signalling in a network formation process (2007), with Simone Giansante, Alan Kirman and Sheri Markose, in “Artificial Market Modeling”, ed. Andrea Consiglio, Springer, 221-233;
  • A Model of Myerson-Nash equilibria in networks (2006), in “Artificial Economics”, editors P. Mathieu, B. Beaufils and O. Brandouy, Springer, 175-188;


  • in 2009 Editor VDM Verlag published a book from my 2007 PhD Thesis: "Four multi-agents economic models - From evolutionary competition to social interaction" (ISBN 3639186540).